Summer Music Lessons

Summer Nights at Music Notes Academy

Summer music lessons at our East Brunswick, NJ Academy offers great scheduling flexibility for students and parents. Students attend one class, two classes or play music for eight weeks.

Many of our students attend day camps and spend their days at the beach and pool. We have Summer music programs where students can attend Music Notes Academy during the weekday afternoons and evenings on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Summertime offers several scheduling options. Schedule one class. Schedule two classes. Be here all Summer for 8-weeks during July and August.

Summer is a great time to start learning music and to gain a head start on the upcoming school year.
Many students begin learning a second instrument during the Summer. Several students attend two or three times a week. We can customize a unique Summer music program for the serious minded music student.

Enrollment for Summer Music

Enrollment for Summer Nights at Music Notes begins in January. The following private music lesson options are available for our Summer Semester.

music classes for kids, East Brunswick, NJ


Summer piano lessons for children ages 3-5.

Trial Lesson

One private music lesson during July or August.


Two private music lessons during July or August.


Students can learn and play together in semi-private music classes. Great for siblings and friends to have music classes together.

Private Lessons

Learn one-on-one with a de-greed music teacher during Summertime. Customize a private lesson class schedule during July and August.


Adult students can enjoy Summer with recreational music making.

Join us for Summer Nights at Music Notes

Registration for Summer Music Lessons starts in January

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