Student Concerts

Our student concerts – Winter Concerts and Spring Student Recitals – include student solos, duets, teacher performances and our performance ensembles. Our student concerts tradition began in 2007. Past Winter Concerts and Spring Recitals included teacher performances, duets and trios, percussion ensembles, string quartets, chamber groups and student rock bands.

Winter Concerts

December concerts are our informal student performances. Winter Concerts began in '09, creating a Music Notes Academy holiday tradition in which students and parents can look forward to the holidays. Students can perform favorite holiday songs at our Winter Concert.

Spring Student Recitals

June concerts are our Spring Student Recitals, our formal end-of-year performances. Spring Recitals began in '07, showcasing students' yearlong efforts. Certificates and awards, concert programs are presented at Spring Recitals as well as special acknowledgements for students performing in festivals, exams and auditions.

Spring Student Recitals '24

Sunday June 9, 2024 at 6pm

in Madison, NJ

Sign-Ups Start January

Sign-Ups for Spring Student Recitals ’24 will begin in January 2024

Recital FAQ

Yes. Speak with your Music Notes Academy teacher to see if your child is ready to perform.

Our Spring Recitals run about 60-90 minutes, depending on how many students are performing. It’s always a great show!

  • Students can learn to memorize performance songs
  • Gain performance experience as a soloist
  • Support, listen and watch fellow students perform
  • Display efforts as a student musician
  • Become inspired by advanced students
  • Overcome any fear of stage fright or performing live
  • Focus towards a long-term goal of perfecting performance music
  • Learn to react to successes or disappointments
  • Make musical memories for yourself and family
  • Performing is a great way to end the school year and look forward to Summertime

Once upon a time we had multiple Spring Recitals. In ’09 we added Winter Concerts for students that were unable to perform in our Spring Recitals. We awarded students with Performance, Academy and Musicianship Awards. We had Chairperson Awards, which were special performance awards presented to an outstanding performing student. We believe it’s important for students to work diligently towards a performance of excellence, regardless of age or ability level. However, we do not require student performances, as some students are not ready to perform. We do recommend students attend performances, to watch, listen and support their peers.

student concert guitarist
student concert guitarist