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We are here today because of our dedicated students and parents. Parents are integral in a student’s education. Read what some parents have said about music education, private lessons and instruction at Music Notes Academy. We value our parent reviews and feedback.


South Plainfield, NJ
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I just wanted to say thanks again for setting up the (online) lesson. Sean was very helpful this evening and taught some interesting beginning techniques. I enjoyed working with him and look forward to next week's lesson!
East Brunswick, NJ
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Not sure if Brielle shared the news but she auditioned on xylophone and already got the email from her teacher, she made wind ensemble honors! Thank you so much for preparing her. This meant a lot to Brielle and I haven’t seen her so happy in a long time. Next up is drumline for marching band.
East Brunswick, NJ
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I wanted to share with you – Rebecca may have shared with Mr. Sean. Rebecca told me the second week of the Broadway camp they were learning music and the instructor asked a question about the key signature. Rebecca answered to their surprise and came home absolutely elated that all that music theory Mr. Sean makes her do (that she complains about) enabled her to answer!!! That is part of my deep appreciation for the quality of your school!!
South River, NJ
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Best music school ever! You will not be disappointed. My son has been here for 5+ years and loves it, owner and teachers are the best. 100% recommend.
Student Rock Band, East Brunswick, NJ

Reviews & Testimonials: Parent Reviews

My daughter Adrianna loves her piano lessons with Mr. Stephen. He is awesome and knows how to work with kids…
Katarina, H.
Dear Brandon, I am writing to give you the great news that Lea has been accepted into the Eastman @ Keuka summer music camp! We are delighted that she will join other middle school age musicians from around the world to participate in two weeks of music making on the shores of Keuka Lake this July. Teachers like you who work with students every day are our true inspiration, and we are grateful for the encouragement and nurturing you give to all of your students!
Gaelen McCormick
Thanks for all your help with planning for the gig. It was the best night ever! I had a blast playing last night and it turned out I played 5 songs! Super, super fun. I think I’ve been bitten by the gig bug. See ya Thursday with a video!
Lizz, East Brunswick
Lea was accepted to the advance band group at Samson G. Smith. Thanks so much for being a great teacher to Lea. She will be playing with the sixth grade advance group, which Lea is more advanced than that group also. She passed with flying colors… But as a parent that does not read music or play an instrument it means a lot when your kids achieve such great accomplishments. So I’m taking time out to say thank you again and that your hard work is and was not in vain. Our girl made us proud.
Deniece D., Somerset, NJ
She [Jewel] played a big part in Sahil’s early exposure to music and music education. I appreciate all she has done for him and us. Have a great rest of the summer.
Vinita, East Brunswick, NJ
Hi Brandon, Just wanted to thank you again for the tote bag and for all your help and encouragement with the Santana song. I’ll keep you posted if and when I hear back from the band.
Lizz, East Brunswick
The Mid Atlantic Music Teachers Guild’s 2014 Festival was a great experience for Lea. She is looking forward to the Spring Recitals. Thanks for your support and I’m very happy I chose Music Notes as Lea’s music school.
Deniece D., Somerset, NJ
Josh had his rehearsal on Sunday. He did really well. It was 4 and a half hours and he was focused throughout. Some songs were spot on and some needed a little work… This was really his first time ever playing with a band (since he hasn’t even done it in school yet) so he really held his own considering his lack of experience. Anyway, I wanted to thank you for both setting this up and for all that you have done for him this past month and through the years to help him come to this point. Kudos to you for taking him this far!
Jane C., Bernardsville, NJ
Just wanted to thank you for suggesting Josh to fill in at yesterday’s concert. He’s a terrific little guy with lots of talent. I sincerely hope he makes music his profession. I think if would do great at the Competition. Thanks again.
Al, Clark, NJ
The Spring Recital on Saturday was wonderful. It was great to see all children perform so well. I am sure a lot of planning and organizing was needed to make this successful. I would like to thank you and all the teachers who make this event memorable. Congratulations to you!
U. Anuradha, East Brunswick
I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that Andy and I are very pleased and impressed with Gordon. He really keeps the boys engaged in their lesson. He has a definitive plan for what he is going to teach them, and they are responding extremely well to his style. Thought I’d let you know!
Mira L., Glen Gardner
Congratulations Brandon! Well deserved. To be able to follow one’s passion of music and translate that into a profession that teaches and shapes little minds is truly inspiring! We are so happy for you.
Deepa and Ram ’13
Congratulations, Brandon! Pretty cool – a musician AND and entrepreneur! We are proud to be a part of your school. Thanks for all of your hard work! Sincerely,
The Raphael family ’13
Congratulations Brandon. What an honor but I am not surprised as you have a wonderful music school.
Karen, Mendham, NJ ’13
Congratulations Brandon & Music Notes Academy on the award!
The Charleston family, East Brunswick, NJ ’13
The lessons are going well with Chris… The boys are both doing very well, and I’m so pleased with their progress so far. They read music beautifully. It comes so easily to them at this age. It’s been fun to watch them develop.
Mira L. Glen Gardner, NJ
I’ve been meaning to email you to let you know how happy we are with Sean. Kids are making great progress and he is a breathe of fresh air. So good. Thank you for letting us have him!!
Karen D. Morristown, NJ
Truly, thanks for everything. Each year the musical growth in Josh is so incredible to see. I know he has some natural ability, but without someone like you who is willing to make him learn the hard stuff and expect quality results, he wouldn’t be doing nearly as well. I know another drum teacher could get him to play things that sound good and seem impressive, but what you are teaching him is truly impressive because he is really learning everything he needs to know to be a top notch percussionist. As your schedule gets crazy and you deal with the frustrations of running a school, just know that the true work and talent that you have to teach and to bring music to a child’s life is really what is most important, and you have a true gift at doing that.
Jane C. Bernardsville, NJ
Nicole was really nice…thank you so much for always sending very nice (and competent) teachers.
Mary Ann Bernardsville, NJ
After being a part of today’s recital and watching the entire event unfold, how very happy we are being a part of Music Notes Academy. There is no doubt that we made the right decision to follow you and continue to have you teach and mentor Justin. He is growing by leaps and bounds as a musician under your leadership and we know that you have just begun to scratch the surface. Thank you very much for the time and patience you have in teaching. It is not an easy thing to do… and you manage to juggle all types of ideas and projects, while continuing to produce results with the kids. Your talent, ambition, intelligence and organization is uncanny. We’re happy to be on the Kurzawa team. Justin can learn so much from you, in all ways of musicianship and then some; it is an honor to have you guiding Justin. Looking forward to many more years of growth and learning on Justin’s part. It’s exciting to know there will be many things you will expose him to; you bring opportunity, amongst other attributes, and we are grateful. Today was a great event! Congratulations!
Ronnie K. Madison, NJ
Mari was scared at first, having only had the same piano teacher for the past three years. I sat in the room as they had the lesson and she definitely was responding to him. The interesting thing, when I asked her what she thought, she said he was a lot different than her previous piano teacher who would sit there and say things like “don’t forget the D” or “that was fine” but Barry would actually make her do phrases over again until they were better. So Mari said, “I felt like I learned a lot more from him in 1/2 an hour than I did from my other teacher in several months.
Leslie P. Pottersville, NJ