Drum lessons is where Music Notes Academy began in ’00. Students of all ages can learn drums and percussion at our East Brunswick, NJ Academy with de-greed teachers of music.

Percussion students at Music Notes Academy learn:

  • Music Reading
  • Music Theory
  • Rudiments
  • Stick Control
  • Performance techniques
  • Snare drum repertoire
  • Drum Set Grooves & Styles

Many of our percussion students also study piano, mallets or another instrument simultaneously.

There are drum lessons, private music teachers and music schools everywhere. Plus, there are several different ways to learn drums and percussion. Depending on a student’s age, interest and private instruction class length we tailor our instructional approach to each student within our comprehensive instructional approach. Students can begin with a practice pad and sticks, a snare drum or drum set. Music Notes Academy percussion students will learn how to read music and play the drums.

We require our students to practice in between classes. We utilize our Learn Today, Play Tomorrow® Student Assignment Book to help our students and parents stay organized and inspired throughout the school year.

Our percussion classrooms include acoustic professional-grade drum sets, hand-hammered cymbals, snare drums, congas, bongos, djembes and various percussion instruments. We utilize pro-audio equipment for play-along tracks and accompaniments.

drum lessons, east brunswick, nj
We enjoy teaching adult music students too. Beginners through experienced players are encouraged to explore various percussion instruments, either as recreational music making or with specific goals in mind. We regularly help our students with their marching band music, Jazz Band auditions and performance music for their daytime school music programs. 
We offer and encourage percussion performances, recitals, festivals and examinations. We recommend students enjoy listening to music. Spotify is a great app.
Drum students are welcome to join our performance groups such as Rock Bands, Chamber Ensembles and Drum Circles. Private music lessons are a great way to start learning drums or improve on current skills.

Learn Today, Play Tomorrow®

East Brunswick, NJ
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