Absences and Make-Up

Student absences happen. This is why we offer make-up classes for students enrolled in private instruction and Performance Plus Certificate program.

Complete form below to report an absence or select a backbeat group make-up class.

backbeat Group Make-Up Classes

Starting with the ’22-’23 School Year, students enrolled in Private Instruction and Performance Plus Certificate will be eligible to select and attend a backbeat group make-up class in December or June when scheduling an absence with advanced notice.

Due to a high volume of same-day student absences and student no-shows, students with scheduled absences will receive first priority for attending a group make-up class.

Group music classes are 30, 45, or 60 minute classes held at our East Brunswick, NJ Academy location. If you regularly attend a 30 or 45-minute private music lesson each week, you will receive a 60-minute group music class if you select a 60-minute class from the list below.

You will receive an email confirmation to remind you of your selected make-up class approximately one week prior to your chosen make-up class date.